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When you have diabetes, you know something that other people don’t.  You know that you can’t just let life happen to you.  You know you’ve got to take Woman-Oceanthe initiative, and make life work for you.  Not only in how you take care of yourself, but in all the far-flung corners of your life.

You’ve got to take an all-embracing stance, and ask yourself a big question:  am I living life to the full every day?

Sometimes all it takes is just a little nudge or one word of encouragement to bring clarity to one’s situation and keep the spirit focused – ready to seize the fullness of life with both hands.

That is the mission of Diabetes Gladiator – to Man-headphonesprovide you with simple and practical lifestyle information so that you make the informed health decisions that will bring you the most enjoyment and peace of mind.

Whether you have pre-diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes, you face a common challenge: glucose control.  You also have a powerful solution within your control: lifestyle.

The 5 Habits of Diabetes Wellness outlined here are intended to help you focus on the lifestyle choices that will improve your health and glucose control.  Always remember that you are your most important caregiver, and the only expert who can make sure you stay on the path to good health and a good life.

Role-Model-2       Live well,

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      Pauline Cabouli, Editor-In-Chief

PS – I look forward to receiving your comments and ideas. Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you want and need from this website.

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Defending your health takes an organized, persevering and directed attack against diabetes.

To help you meet the ongoing challenges of diabetes, we present an ongoing solution: The 5 Habits of Diabetes Wellness.

Focus on one habit a week and keep it top of mind. Practice it.  Become more aware and master it until it becomes automatic.