I will
and treasure
the power
of my
life force


The way we talk to ourselves every day has a large impact on our behavior. This week, as you focus on practicing The Habit of Moving Throughout the Day, put your intentions into words:

3. The Habit of Moving Throughout the Day

I will focus on moving throughout the day. My body was never meant to sit and watch others being active and enjoying their lives.
I am not a spectator.  I will move to feel my blood flow, to make my heart beat strongly, to make my mind think clearly.  I will seek friends with whom to walk and enjoy the wonders of nature and the warmth of friendship.  Today, I will move to feel my life force.

For this one week, repeat to yourself every morning:

TURQ-PARENI will move and treasure the power of my life force


Your focus this week:
the habit of moving throughout the day.

This week, concentrate on boosting your activity level—one of the most essential strategies to help you lower blood glucose.
Notice how even a simple half-hour walk can make you feel better, physically and mentally.
Every move counts, so stretch at your desk, stand up every half hour when you are doing something sedentary, take a power walk with friends, dance, garden, or make an extra visit to the gym.
Even cleaning a closet can be fun when you realize that with every movement you are improving your circulation, burning calories, and enhancing both your mood and clarity of mind by pumping more blood to your brain.