Health is
an attitude.

A healthy attitude includes the optimistic belief that
if you do healthy things every day, you will be healthier.


Pursuing Diabetes Wellness

Pauline Cabouli and Lisa Reswick

Health is an attitude – conscious, intentional and consistent. People who are healthy actively pursue health: they make sure to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep. And just as important, they take ample time to relax with family and friends.

Two of our diabetes wellness patientsPursuing good health involves lots of little daily health-building actions like getting up early to work out, writing down what you eat, reading food labels, carrying a water bottle, stretching while talking on the phone, or ordering a salad or other nutritious option when eating out.

A healthy attitude includes the optimistic belief that if you do healthy things every day, you will be healthier ­— and that good health is well worth the time and effort.

Tune in to yourself

If you pay attention, you will realize that you already possess healthy instincts. Notice that little voice inside that tells you to stop eating because you’re already quite full. Or the cough that reminds you to stop smoking, or the anxious thoughts that keep you awake at night. These are signals that you need to make some changes—and you know it.

Listen to these signals, but don’t ever let them discourage you. Although the changes you are making might be difficult, stick with positive self-talk, instead of regret or blame. An attitude of health will always lead you forward and upward.

Rowing-girlYour role as a role model

There are many millions of people with diabetes in the world today who have a strong commitment to health. They include Olympic athletes, as well as seniors in a yoga class. They are actors, rock stars, taxi drivers and accountants—people from all walks of life. They are living their lives to the fullest, inspiring those around them.

In fact, a person’s actions can have a big influence on those around them. Research shows that behaviors are contagious, including behaviors for health. So your positive actions towards good health will also benefit your family and circle of friends.

Your behavioral changes might influence someone with friends-cooking2pre-diabetes to make changes that can reverse their condition. And if someone close to you is one of the 8 million Americans living with undiagnosed diabetes, you might even save a life.

Always look ahead

Cultivate an optimistic, forward-looking outlook, and you’ll be doing yourself — and your family and friends — a favor. Every day is a new beginning. Do your best not to look back. No matter what your age or situation, move into the future with an attitude of health.

Elder-exerciseIt takes courage.

It takes heart.

It takes all of you.

But what could be more important?


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