I will
track all
of the things
I want
to improve


The way we talk to ourselves every day has a large impact on our behavior. This week, as you focus on practicing the Habit of Keeping Track, put your intentions into words:

4. The Habit of Tracking

I will track the many physical signs that tell me the status of my health and diabetes control.  I will be alert to monitoring and recording glucose spikes to find their cause.
I will track my sleep, my energy, my hunger, and the many details that having diabetes requires me to monitor for optimal wellness.  I will use this valuable information with my doctors. Measuring my progress is the key action that will help me make the right choices.  I know that what gets measured gets done.

For one week, repeat to yourself every morning:

I will track all of the things I want to improve.


Your focus this week:
the habit of tracking.

This week, develop a daily practice of of tracking your body’s health indicators to give you the feedback you need to stay on the right path.
Monitor your blood glucose, and become aware of what causes spikes.  Keeping a food journal can help you see which foods give you energy.  Try writing down all the diabetes-related details in your life that you want to improve: your sleeping patterns, weight, moods, medications, the condition of your feet, your teeth, gums, eyes and more.  You are now actively preparing a road map to your own wellbeing — one you can share with your health-care team.


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