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MyDiabetes Team: The team that roots for you.

Any one of dozens of variables can trigger a glucose spike: it could be the wrong dose of a medication, an unbalanced meal, lack of sleep, or even the anxiety that comes from financial worry.

While there may be many causes, fortunately there is just one place you should turn to for help in controlling your diabetes: the many professionals on a comprehensive diabetes team.

The special power of a diabetes team is that it can synchronize the many aspects of diabetes care, including medical, lifestyle, and behavioral considerations. Experts from various specialties coordinate their services to give you the care you need when you need it. For example, doctors work with diabetes educators, nutritionists communicate with cardiologists, and nurses reach out to social services to help guide a patient to urgently needed resources.

A diabetes team can monitor, guide, motivate and cheer you on to your very best health.
Studies show that a diabetes team can lead to better glucose control, reduced cardiovascular risks, and fewer risks for complications.

Here is a list of the many specialties–diabetes professionals–who can help you with all aspects of living with diabetes– and what each of them can do:

Your Primary Care Physician: for ongoing care and ongoing team direction

Your Certified Diabetes Educator: to educate, guide and de-mystify your diabetes care

Your Nurse, Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Navigator: your vital link for doctor communications and care coordination

Your Pharmacist: Can double-check the safety and coordination of your medications

Your Ophthalmologist: To protect your eyes from the effects of high blood glucose and diabetes

Your Dentist: To promote tooth and gum health essential to your health
Your Podiatrist: To help prevent diabetic foot complications

Your Psychologist/Psychiatrist: For help with the emotional stresses of diabetes.

Your Counselor or Social Worker: Can connect you to community resources and financial support

Your Nutritionist or Dietitian: Can improve your health through the science of nutrition

Your Exercise Physiologist: Can help you lower glucose and improve health through exercise and activity

Your Diabetes Coach: To motivate you to your best diabetes health

Your Sleep Expert: To help you restore and maintain the healing powers of sleep

Your favorite chefs: Inspiration from the professionals who create delicious healthy, flavorful foods

The specialists who can protect you from complications

Your Endocrinologist: the diabetes specialist on your team

Your Cardiologist: Protecting your heart against the risks of diabetes

Your Neurologist: To treat or prevent diabetic neuropathy

Your Nephrologist: Protecting your kidneys from the stresses of diabetes

Your Pain Management Specialist: Providing essential pain relief for your best quality of life