I will
devote time,
and focus
to improving my health


The way we talk to ourselves every day has a large impact on our behavior. This week, as you focus on practicing the Habit of Putting Yourself First, put your intentions into words:

1. The Habit of Putting Yourself First

I will focus on my well-being and on all the ways I can actively improve it. I will make the time for my physical health, and do what I need to do to bring my blood glucose under control. I will make time for my emotional health, and seek to be with those who also value well-being and the pursuit of a vibrant life.

For this one week, promise yourself every morning:

Paren-3I will devote time, energy and focus to improving my health


Your focus this week:
the habit of putting yourself first.

This week, take the time to shape your environment to support your continued wellbeing.
> Move away from stress, and instead seek the peace of mind that comes from doing your best.
>Take time to recover when you have a challenging day.
> Get together with friends and family, recognizing that social connections are vital to your health.
> Focus on the things that encourage you, and be guided by the conviction that, day by day, you are traveling in the direction of better health.


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