Lifestyle habits
are your most
powerful weapon
for fighting


The 5 Habits of Diabetes Wellness

Lifestyle habits are your most powerful weapon for fighting diabetes.

Woman-Stretching-WEvery day, your health is being determined by literally hundreds of lifestyle choices. Some of these choices are good for you, while others are bad.

With diabetes, it is essential that you become more aware of which is which. This is especially important for you, because every lifestyle choice has the potential to impact your glucose levels.Learning-tracking

When you choose well, you will control the tremendous power of healthy lifestyle habits to activate your body’s natural protective and healing capabilities.

The 5 Habits of Diabetes Wellness are designed to help you defend your health by making you more aware of how you can make better choices—each and every day. Use a calendar or checklist to help you stay focused on one powerful health principle, week by week. Over time, your daily choices will become habits.

Shopping-fruitsThe power of focusing on one habit a week

“One thing at a time’’ is general, common-sense advice usually given for getting things done without becoming overwhelmed. But behind this simple saying is a thrilling fact: you can physically change how your brain works by changing what you focus on.

By concentrating on just one habit a week, you give yourself the chance to apply each habit to your own life in practical ways – and the best chance to make healthy habits a permanent part of your brain wiring.

Make a promise to yourself every week to act upon one vital idea and repeat it every day. Next week, move on to the next habit. You are going to be practicing timeless health principles, some of which go back thousands of years. As you become Stretch-class-Wmore familiar with applying them, ideas will come to you for better choices that can add up to the improvement of your overall well being. 

Make a promise to yourself

The way we talk to ourselves every day has a large impact on our behavior, so as you focus on developing these 5 Habits of Diabetes Wellness, put your intentions into words.

Now, let’s begin! (see column on right)