I will
eat well
and choose
the best foods
for me


The way we talk to ourselves every day has a large impact on our behavior. This week, as you focus on practicing the Habit of Eating Well, put your intentions into words:

2.  The Habit of Eating Well

I will focus on the natural foods that protect my health and help balance my glucose. I will eat only when I feel hungry, and won’t confuse physical and emotional hungers. I will drink as much water as I should.  I will make time to know and choose the ingredients I consume. I will share meals with my loved ones to also savor friendship as well as foods.

For this one week, promise yourself every morning:

OR-PARENI will eat well and choose only the best foods for me


Your focus this week: 
the habit of eating well.

This week, focus on food. Determine that you will buy, prepare and consume only the healthiest, tastiest, and most nutritious meals and snacks.
Look for farmer’s markets and health food or grocery stores that stock these foods, so you won’t waste shopping time.
Begin to shift to more natural foods and away from anything processed. Take in more plant proteins and less red meat, more water and less salt, sugar, and fat.  With every effort you make, you leverage the extraordinary forces of nutrition to help you stabilize your blood sugar, reach your proper weight, increase your energy, and protect your metabolism.

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